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My Garden throughout the Changes of general Attitudes and of Climate

Peter Janke: Mein Garten im Wandel

Ecological / Low-Maintenance / Stylish

Mein Garten im Wandel des Zeitgeistes und des Klimas / My Garden throughout the Changes of general Attitudes and of Climate (Book only available in German language)

Gardens are constantly undergoing changes, expecially due to seasonal alterations. But future confronts us with further questions: How can we deal with increasing global warming? Can we do more to help insects survive? What if the groundwater level keeps falling or if there will be a growing shortage of water? How can I tend my garden in such a way that I will be able to do it, even when I get older? Will my garden, as it is, still look beautiful when it continues developing? And how are we supposed to assess, handle and prepare for the multiple and complex transformation processes in a garden?

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Realizing my Vision of a Garden


Meine Vision wird Garten / Realizing my Vision of a Garden (Book only available in German language)

Setting out a garden in a way that its beauty and atmosphere impresses during all 12 months of the year is Peter Janke’s most important principle of garden design. The innovative garden planner and perennial plant producer Choosing the right plants according to the habitat and in line with a long-term concept is as relevant for the innovative garden planer and perennial plants producer as the distinctive arrangement of areas and shapes.

Design with plants

Buchcover: Design mit Pflanzen

Design mit Pflanzen / Design with plants (Book only available in German language)

Peter Janke’s consistent use of perennials, grasses and woody plants considering there individual habitat preferences enables him to create enduring, breathtaking garden pictures even for extrem garden situations.

Small Gardens

Buchcover: Kleine Gärten.

Kleine Gärten / Small Gardens (Book only available in German language)

The individual use of plants according to habitat preferences plays an outstanding role in nearly all of Peter Janke’s works.

The spring garden

Buchcover: Der Frühlingsgarten

Der Frühlingsgarten / The spring garden (Book only available in German language)

Designing gardens that are attractive all the year round is Peter Janke’s main gardening principle. His philosophy of a garden being appealing during all twelve month of the year is logical, consistent and always highly poetical.

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