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Staudengärtnerei Peter Janke

Our herbaceous perennials are produced in small quantities with much time and effort. They are not breeded in overheated green houses and get all the time they need for healthy growth. Thus, they are optimally prepared for a long and healthy life in the garden.

Mail order: Unfortunately we do not offer mail order of our plants.

Range of Plants

Staudengärtnerei Peter Janke

In our perennial nursery we specialise in the production and breeding of exceptional plants, shrubs and annuals.

We offer a wide range of garden plants comprising more then 1.200 species, from sun-loving gravel garden and prairie perennials to the great variety of diverse grasses to selected beauties for the shade garden.

In our gardenshop you will find attractive floristry products as well as miscellaneous useful and decorative things for house and garden. Corresponding to our gardening philosophy we offer especially natural cut flowers, reflecting the current seasons and produced bei regional cut flowers nurseries.

Hortvs Collection

I have been interested in and inspired by herbaceous perennials ever since I started gardening. Thus, together with my husband, Michael Frinke, I have collected about four thousand different perennials, grasses and geophytes for the hortvs up to now. In the course. In the course of time some species have become our favorites.

This is why we refer to  the following species as Hortvs-Collection:

  • Helleborus (all wild species, the famous collection of Helen Ballard and our own hybrids)
  • Galanthus (almost all wild species, about 500 cultivars and about 200 selections which have not been named so far )
  • Polygonatum (about 40 different species and varieties)
  • Thalictrum (about 40 different species and varieties)
  • Arisaema (about 25 different species)
  • Libertia (20 different species)
  • Erythronium (30 different species)
  • Agapanthus  (55 different species)
  • Sempervivum and Jovibarba (about 180 different species)
  • Epimedium (about 50 different species )
  • Miscanthus (about 30 different species)
  • Ferns (about 100 different species and varieties)

We very much aim to produce more and more of these difficult to breed plants, also for sale. Visitors to our nursery already find a wide choice of the genera of Helleborus, Thalictrum, Sempervivum, Miscanthus, Epimedium and hardy ferns.

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