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Booking is now open for The Beth Chatto Symposium, a special gathering of gardeners, designers and plantspeople in honour of Beth’s 95th birthday and the 40th anniversary of her first book, The Dry Garden. 

Join us at the University of Essex on 30-31 August 2018 to hear speakers from around the world that are re-imagining ecological planting in both design and practice, and working to expand our plant palette. Building upon Beth’s lifework, this ambitious programme will generate multi-disciplinary conversation and professional connections that advance ecological horticulture. 

Featured speakers: Marina Christopher, Olivier Filippi, Åsa Gregers-Warg, James Hitchmough, Peter Janke, Taylor Johnston, Peter Korn, Dan Pearson, Andi Pettis, Cassian Schmidt, Midori Shintani, Keith Wiley

For information and to book tickets please visit:

Or email us at

Student tickets are available at a reduced price. 


All proceeds go to support the work of the Beth Chatto Education Trust

My Garden throughout the Changes of general Attitudes and of Climate

Peter Janke: Mein Garten im Wandel

Ecological / Low-Maintenance / Stylish

Mein Garten im Wandel des Zeitgeistes und des Klimas / My Garden throughout the Changes of general Attitudes and of Climate (Book only available in German language)

Gardens are constantly undergoing changes, expecially due to seasonal alterations. But future confronts us with further questions: How can we deal with increasing global warming? Can we do more to help insects survive? What if the groundwater level keeps falling or if there will be a growing shortage of water? How can I tend my garden in such a way that I will be able to do it, even when I get older? Will my garden, as it is, still look beautiful when it continues developing? And how are we supposed to assess, handle and prepare for the multiple and complex transformation processes in a garden?

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GartenTräume – Article „Fasanerie Palace“

P.74 bis P.77

In the spring edition 2017 of the magazine GartenTräume the author Kathrin Foerst presents the newest public garden by Peter Janke. In the historic setting of Fasanerie Palace (Eichenzell near Fulda) Peter Janke designed a strictly geometric garden with accentuated natural planting. He combines his design concept with two steel cultures specifically created for this garden by the minimal artist Stefan Siebers from Cologne.

[fac_icon icon=”file-pdf-o”] GartenTräume – Article „Schloss Fasanerie“
(only available in German language)



Between March and November we welcome volunteers for garden enthusiasts in our company. During a period of three weeks up to a half year we offer insight into our work with plants.

This includes:

  • Garden care
  • Renovisting of plantings
  • Planting of new garden areas
  • Propagation of herbaceous plants
  • Floristry (on request)

The placement is non-paid.

Please send your appliction to

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